You’ll Never Look at a Brownie the Same After Seeing This Comparison Photo

A handful of trail mix here, a few M&Ms there, a bite of your friend’s cookie – they’re such tiny bites, so they don’t even matter, right? If you’re struggling to lose weight, this comparison photo could make all the difference.

Leanne Ward, a sports dietitian known as the_fitness_dietitian on Instagram, posted this comparison of a small brownie and a plate full of fruit. She’s not at all posting this to say you should never eat a brownie or other treats. She’s just making the point that those tiny bites can add up over the course of a week, even though they seem small and insignificant.

Keep in mind the calorie density and portion sizes of foods. Leanne says, “A ‘tiny’ brownie is still going to leave you feeling hungry yet just half this serving of fruit is going to fill you right up & keep you satisfied for way longer 🍇🍓.”

Leanne adds, “A small brownie/cake/biscuit can still fit into a healthy lifestyle but it’s not something I recommend you mindlessly snack on or eat regularly each week as the calories can quickly add up. You can still enjoy all your favorite things as part of a healthy lifestyle but understanding quantities, energy density & portion sizes can help you achieve your goals.”

If you’re trying to lose weight and this sounds familiar, you can keep those little bites in check by keeping a food journal. Every time you eat, write it down. It may shed light on your diet and make your realize how often you grab little bites here and there. From there, keeping a food journal can encourage accountability and will help you decide which tiny bites are worth it and which you can skip.