Winter Olympians Snuggling Baby Animals Is the Pick-Me-Up You Deserve

Heads up: your day is about to get infinitely better!

During the 2016 Summer Olympics, the world was gifted with pictures of a bunch of Olympians cuddling with fluffy, adorable puppies. NBC Olympics went and upped the cute factor for Winter 2018, though, and added even more adorable critters to the mix. We’re talking kittens, goats, and even baby pigs. We’re not squealing, you’re squealing!

Team USA Olympians featured in this roundup include snowboarders Chloe Kim and Alex Deibold, figure skaters Madison Chock and Evan Bates, freestyle skiers Gus Kenworthy and Torin Yater-Wallace, and many others. We think it’s safe to say they all went for the gold in these pics!

Check out the images out here, and tune into the Olympics starting Feb. 8.