What Are Your Favorite Stores for Winter Coats?

favorite stores for winter coats

Alas, I think I’ve waited too long to do my Hunt for winter coats, as there are only lucky sizes left for everything I like. So instead, let’s have a discussion about three things:

  • where would you go if you’re looking for an AFFORDABLE BUT DEPENDABLY WARM COAT?
  • where would you go if you were looking for a STATEMENT COAT (that’s slightly affordable)?
  • where would you go if you were buying an INVESTMENT COAT?

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Pictured at top: pink / blue / brown. Oooh, this one is also lovely but is down to one size and even at 75% off it’s still $2K+. 

My answers would be these — but I’m really curious what you guys would say. (For those of you who have loved J.Crew coats in the past, would you still put them in the first category?)

As far as statement coats go, I never got a ton of wear out of it but I was pretty thrilled to find a fake fur coat for $10 at a random thrift store in Evanston, IL during my college years — it’s probably still hanging in my parents’ basement. I also still regret losing my grandmother’s blue tweed coat — I’m still hopeful I’ll find it one day. Finally: it wasn’t a winter coat, but rather a lighterweight jacket that was a gray check lined with a red satin that I bought on a trip to Germany one summer when I only packed summer clothes, somehow forgetting that 70 degrees is jacket weather, at least for someone who’s always freezing like me. It was bought during my skinnier years, and it’s one of those things I stubbornly hang onto, even though I haven’t fit into it in years.

How about you — where are your favorite places to go for winter coats? Have you bought any great coats recently (regale us with your sale stories, ladies!)! Have you ever had a statement coat that you were super happy to have? 

Psst: we’ve also talked in the past about what to look for in a great winter coat, and rounded up washable winter coats over on our blog for working moms.

We rounded up our favorite stores for winter coats in three categories: affordable and dependably warm coats, STATEMENT coats, and investment coats.

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