Today’s Better-Butt Challenge Workout: Boost Your Backside With Weights

Our Better-Butt Challenge has 21 days of workouts to help you take your butt from flat to full. In the end, you’ll have a tighter, stronger backside. Be sure to check back tomorrow when we share the next workout of this three-week plan.

This quick and effective workout will build butt muscle while working your entire body. Adding dumbbells means extra work for your glutes, and that extra work is what builds the muscle. Grab a pair of dumbbells between five and 15 pounds.

Directions: After warming up with five minutes of light cardio, do each three-move circuit twice. End with three minutes of stretching to cool down.

Week one, day one: eight reps of each exercise
Week two, day eight: 10 reps of each exercise
Week three, day 15: 12 reps of each exercise

This workout is around 25 minutes long, including warmup and cooldown.