This Little Girl’s Sock-Shoe Combo Is the Creepiest Thing You’ll See All Week

The eyes on my nieces socks line up perfectly with the holes in her shoes.

Dressing kids can be fun: there are so many colors in so many shades of neon, there are so many sequins, there are so many mystical characters (hello, unicorns and dog police officers!), and most importantly, there are virtually no rules.

After scrolling through Reddit, however, we’d like everyone to adhere to one very simple, very specific request: to never let your kid wear character socks underneath shoes with any sort of holes.

You see, Reddit user pootthong posted a photo of their niece wearing what looked to be Dora the Explorer socks and a pair of sandals. “The eyes on my niece’s socks line up perfectly with the holes in her shoes,” the person wrote.

Is it just us or are those eyes silently screaming out for help? Do us a favor and let’s all just agree to stick to silly stripes or polka-dot socks from here on out.