This Excited Dog Is Further Proof That Target Is Literally Everyone’s Happy Place

Zira the Corgi is literally all of us. Despite being a completely different species, the 3-month-old dog from Monterey, CA, just proved on a recent trip to Target with her owner, Jesse, that the superstore is the happiest place in the entire world. However, unlike other dogs, she didn’t simply wag her tail to indicate her happiness; she literally smiled through her trip while sitting in the back of a shopping cart.

“MY DOG WENT TO TARGET AND LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS,” Jesse tweeted, along with two adorable and hilarious photos of Zira’s contagiously happy face that is honestly so pure, we’re crying tears of joy and love (and just followed her on Instagram because we need more of this type of unadulterated happiness in our lives). And not surprisingly, plenty of Twitter users shared both our sentiments as well as Zira’s.

Too true, friend. Too true.