The Super Affordable Activewear Brand You’ll Be Obsessed With

It can feel like such a pain in the ass to find leggings that are both affordable and functional. Far too many pairs of leggings cost well over $100 these days, and while they’re probably durable and pretty to look at, it’s good to know that there are countless other similar options out there that are a fraction of the price.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a hoarder of workout clothes. I know all the ins and outs of good leggings, sports bras, and tank tops, and I have my list of likes as well as my list of dislikes (I don’t kiss and tell, though). Because I purchase so much athleisure, I know how rare it is to find the kind of leggings that won’t put a dent in your wallet – and I also know how exciting it is when you actually find them. Which is why I nearly fainted from excitement after I discovered the Gymshark Flex collection.

First of all, you might recognize these leggings if you’ve used Instagram at all in the last year or so. Countless fitness personalities are seen rocking the Gymshark sets, whether they’re working out or lounging around the house.

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I soon realized that all of my favorite Instagram fitness stars wear Gymshark, which actually made me kind of skeptical. Are they simply being paid to wear these cute leggings? Or are they actually comfortable? I tried out a pair myself, and I quickly learned that they certainly do live up to the hype. Here’s what they look like on me:

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I’ve worn three different pairs of these Gymshark leggings so far, each for a different workout: lower-body strength training, upper-body strength training, and a distance run. They held up in every single category; the waistband stayed exactly where it was supposed to be, the crotch didn’t ride up somewhere it didn’t belong (hey, it happens), and when I sweated profusely, it didn’t look like I peed on myself.

They’re true to size (I’m a size small in everything), and what I love most about these leggings is that they’re made to fit women who have curves and muscles. These weren’t designed just for the sample size, model-thin women – they’re created for real women who enjoy being active and taking care of their bodies. After I tried my first pair, I immediately jumped online and bought a few more (I’m contemplating buying even more now).

Just as importantly, though, these leggings are outrageously affordable. The cropped leggings I’m wearing in the above picture only cost $36! And the full length ones cost $38. Here are a few other options you can choose from. Prepare your wallets.