The Simple 4-Step Trick to Make Your Lipstick Last No Matter What

I absolutely love wearing a vibrant, traffic-stopping red lipstick but detest the fact that it always gets all over everything. Truthfully, I am a bit clumsy and known to smear my lip color on coffee mugs, my face – heck, sometimes I find it on my keyboard or phone. As they say, the struggle is real.

I decided to get to the bottom of this and find a solution to actually make my mouth makeup last long and smudge-proof. Nars makeup artist Niko Lopez was up to the challenge of creating a DIY anyone can do with three products you probably already own: lip liner, lipstick, and loose powder.

Then, we put his work to the test by having our model push her pout up against a Champagne glass, teacup, and her own skin to prove you can try this trick and smooch away without worry! You can see the results – no lip stain was left behind. Keep reading to discover just how easy this lipstick hack is.