The Photos From Wonder Woman 1984 Are Worth Way More Than a Thousand Words

More and more details continue to come out about the Wonder Woman sequel. Patty Jenkins confirmed the title will be Wonder Woman 1984 on Twitter and revealed Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, is alive and well. Although the second installment isn’t out until Nov. 1, 2019, fans have gotten a small taste of what’s to come thanks to three exciting photos.

One look features Pine looking as heroic as ever in ’80s gear, while the other is of Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, bathed in technicolor as she stands in front of a series of TV screens. The latter photo gives more hints about the time period, because on the middle left TV screen, you can see Larry Hagman in his prime on the hit ’80s soap opera Dallas. The last, but certainly not least, photo is of Kristen Wiig as Dr. Barbara Minerva, aka the villainous Cheetah, in what appears to be a museum. Until more are released, we will just have to settle with the photos ahead.