Riverdale: The Internet Is Simultaneously Creeped Out by and Attracted to Betty’s Brother

Warning: spoilers for Riverdale below!

Riverdale‘s highly anticipated midseason return certainly lived up to the hype, if I do say so myself. Archie starts working with the FBI to investigate Hiram Lodge (sheesh, what a loyal boyfriend), Cheryl’s mom has quite the, erm, interesting new job (she’s now a “lady of the night,” as Cheryl calls her), Polly makes a brief reappearance to let Betty know that she birthed her twins (named Dagwood and Juniper – yes, really), and Southside High closes down (much to the dismay of the oh-so-loyal Southside Serpent of the Year, Jughead Jones). Among all this WTF-worthy madness, we are finally introduced to a brand new character: Betty’s long-lost brother, Charles – or shall we say Chic.

During the episode, Alice and Betty visit Chic in his motel room to learn that he’s earning a living by offering “fantasy fulfillment” to clients. Later on, Betty brings Chic into the Cooper household after rescuing him from a bloody scuffle outside the motel. As Chic attempts to acclimate to the Coopers’ lifestyle, his true, somewhat creepy, colors start to come out, exhibited when he sneaks into Betty’s room at night to eerily stare at her while she’s fast asleep. *Cue the shivers running up and down my spine.*

During the episode, fans passionately tweeted away about the Riverdale newcomer, and it looks like the reactions are actually pretty mixed. Though some agree that Hart Denton, the actor who plays Chic, is rather easy on the eyes, others were downright sketched out by and highly suspicious of his character. See what else fans have to say about Chic by reading through the tweets below.