RasaBodhi Arts Foundation, India presents EVAM 2018 – A Dance Festival

EVAM began three years ago in order to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers.

It is organized by RasaBodhi Arts foundation which is an initiative to educate and propagate the Indian arts through collaborations, events and art appreciation workshops. RasaBodhi aspires to bring more people to engage in the arts, to encourage the exchange of ideas, enliven the experience of arts that will inspire both artists and viewers.

The thought germinated when organisers attended programs in Mumbai (India)and noticed that classical dance programs have limited patronage. Most performances were attended by friends and family of the dancer or other dancers.Organisers felt that the lay person isn’t drawn to watch a classical performance and that worried the organisers because if their viewers didnot grow than how can they as dancers get more platforms and opportunities. Hence they felt that the onus is on them as young practitioners of performing arts In India which led them to start RasaBodhi Arts foundation and EVAM.

EVAM 2016 was INDIA’S FIRST CROWDFUNDED classical dance festival and was very well received making the festival one of the most awaited ones in the city of Mumbai (India)

This year Evam has a great lineup of artists. For the first time EVAM have a company from the U.S. – Prakriti dance company who will perform for us their very successful production Shikhandi. Also for the first time in EVAM – Ashley Lobo’s Navdhara is there – a very sought after contemporary company which will present Amaara. Ace soloists Sanjukta Wagh and Meenakshi Srinivasan from Chennai will also be presenting. Satyajith Dhanajayan’s latest choreographic work ‘Gandhi’ & Parshwantah Upadhye’s Punyah Dance company will presenting Satgati with live musicians.

Unique workshops by internationally acclaimed danseuse Rama Vaidyanathan, Amith Kumar and Parshwanath Upadhye will also be a part of EVAM 2018.

EVAM 2018 will be on 23rd,24th & 25th Feb in St. Andrews & Ravindra Natya Mandir – Mumbai (India). Tickets are available on bookmyshow.com