Philadelphia Dad Documents Son’s Monthly Growth the Only Logical Way: With Cheesesteaks

When Brad Williams’s son Lucas was born back in October 2015, he did what any normal new dad would do: posted a picture of his baby to social media. However, it wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill baby photo – Lucas was pictured next to a giant Philly cheesesteak.

Brad and his wife ordered takeout one night when Lucas was around 2 weeks old, and the new dad joked that his meal was roughly the same size as his baby. “I decided to take a picture and post it on Facebook,” Brad told POPSUGAR. “Our friends and family thought it was hysterical, so we decided to make it a monthly tradition!”

The dad continued to take photos of Lucas next to cheesesteaks until he was a year old, and though he attempted to keep the hilarious tradition going on a yearly basis, the little guy unfortunately wasn’t having it by the time he reached his second birthday (video of his adorable refusal can be seen on Brad’s blog). We think the funniest installments of the series are the ones from when Lucas was just a tiny babe, anyway.

Check out the hysterical yearlong “Cheesesteak For Scale” series ahead.