Only Diehard Horror Fans Will Be Able to Stomach the Gruesome Director’s Cut of It

If you’re a fan of the recently released It remake, there’s a lot more Pennywise where that came from. In addition to the 11 deleted and extended scenes included in the DVD release, director Andy Muschietti recently confirmed that a gruesome director’s cut will soon be here to haunt all of our nightmares.

Following the film’s release in September, Muschietti said he would eventually be releasing an extended director’s cut, which will run 15 minutes longer than the theatrical release. In a statement to Bloody Disgusting, Muschietti said the director’s cut is now just a few months away. Just to give you an idea of what might be included in the director’s cut footage, Bill Skarsgard revealed in October that a grisly scene about Pennywise’s origins was chopped from the theatrical film release. Taking place in the 1600s, the scene depicts Pennywise appearing in front of a townswoman – naked, translucent, mouth ajar, and demanding that he eat her baby. Lovely!

Hopefully the new clip will be enough to tide us over until the It sequel – which will feature a giant time jump and an older cast – finally floats its way into theaters on Sept. 9, 2019.