Introducing Your New Sexy Crush: American Crime Story’s Édgar Ramírez

Every once in a while we’re so thrown by an actor’s gorgeous face while watching a movie, we forget where we are and what we’re doing. That’s what happened when we saw Édgar Ramírez as Jennifer Lawrence‘s husband in Joy and a sexy elf in Netflix’s Bright. Now, the actor has been cast as Gianni Versace in Versace: American Crime Story, and you should probably just invent a time machine so you can fast-forward to 2018 and stare at his face right in your living room week after week.

While his acting chops are undeniable, so is the Venezuelan stud’s beauty. The first time we saw his flirty and charming smile, it made us blush, sending us into a Google binge full of stunning pictures of the rising star. And because we don’t want you to waste hours digging for more photos of Édgar’s rugged beard, glimmering eyes, and perfect hair, we’ve compiled his sexiest snaps right here. Keep scrolling to see all the times he made us fall in love with him without even trying.