In Just 1 Tweet, Donald Trump Jr. Reveals He Doesn’t Understand Halloween, Socialism, or Parenting

Image Source: Getty / Timothy A. Clary

If nothing else, over the last couple of years, it’s become abundantly clear that Donald Trump Jr. is a deeply unfunny guy. And when combined with a severe lack of restraint and a Twitter habit that is second only to his father’s – well, it’s pretty much guaranteed that things aren’t going to end well. The most recent example of this came on Oct. 31, when Trump Jr. decided that it was a good idea to use his daughter’s Halloween haul to teach the nation a lesson.

If you’re thinking that the error here is the mistaken homophone – a frequent POTUS faux pas – unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does Trump Jr. seem to misunderstand the fundamental tenets of socialism, but he also seems not to get how Halloween trick-or-treating works. And let’s not ignore the fact that it’s a pretty awful thing to make your youngest child the center of a very, very bad joke on Twitter.

Thankfully, we were not alone in finding this tweet to be downright dreadful. The backlash against Trump Jr. was well-warranted, instantaneous, and frankly pretty damn hilarious to watch – so we’ve pulled some of the most notable responses to Trump Jr.’s lack of awareness on Halloween, socialism, and parenting, below.