If the Leaky Cauldron Served Mimosas, Hermione Would Use This $16 Cup at Brunch

Picture this: it’s “19 years later,” and the Harry Potter crew have just dropped their kids off at Platform 9 3/4 to catch the Hogwarts Express to school. Harry hasn’t felt his scar tingle in nearly two decades, and “all is well” with him and his friends, so they decide to pop over to Diagon Alley and take advantage of the Leaky Cauldron’s new boozy brunch menu.

Hermione Granger orders the bottomless mimosas – proving yet again the she’s obviously the brightest witch of her age – but when Tom the barkeep reads back her order, she can’t help but correcting his pronunciation: “It’s mimOsa, not mimosA.”

. . . OK, OK, so the Wizarding world probably doesn’t have bottomless boozy brunch specials – though, technically, any brunch served at Hogwarts would be all-you-can-eat thanks to the magically refilling platters in the Great Hall. But you can still take after Hermione when enjoying your Sunday-morning mimosa thanks to this cheeky Harry Potter wine glass ($16), complete with Hogwarts House sparkles and a wand decoration.

Perfect for the brunch-loving witch or wizard in your life, the stemless glass is also personalized; just choose a Hogwarts House color for the glitter base, then pick a name to be printed on the back of the glass. Ta-da! Now nobody will dare sip on your “mimOsa.”