I Went Blonde for Fall, and Here’s Why You Should Too

Winter isn’t the obvious time to switch to a sunkissed blonde look, but it’s exactly what I did, and I’m here to convince you why you should consider the same.

With the exception of a few face-framing highlights and a trim, I haven’t changed my hair in over five years. Although I wasn’t scared of a change, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of cutting my hair shorter, and I was cautious of trying balayage. I’ve seen one too many balayage fails, and I didn’t want my fate to be the same, so for a long time I just pinned the pictures to my inspiration board instead of going for it.

That was until I was introduced to Jack Howard, London-based celebrity colorist and UK color spokesperson for L’OrĂ©al Professionnel, aka a balayage master. I knew I’d be in safe hands with him! After Jack explained exactly what balayage is, there was one technique I was particularly intrigued by: California balayage.

California balayage is Jack’s new technique, which he describes as a “much heavier incarnation of classic balayage with a slightly lived-in root. Much more of the hair is colored.” He tailors the shades of blonde from pale icier blondes to golden shades. Jack loves this balayage look as “it’s a gorgeous, low-maintenance color to take you through the entire season, as it will start out heavy and then grow out into a lived-in finish, so the upkeep is completely dependent on the wearer.”

Keep reading to see my color transformation that might convince you to take a step into the blonde side for Winter.