Geek Fashion You’ll Want in Your Closet Immediately

The most incredible geek event we’ve ever attended? That would be the first-ever geek couture fashion show held in July during San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Fandom fashion retailer Her Universe called upon the galaxy’s most stylish designers, both professional and amateur, to present their original, handmade creations on the runway. Consider it a preview of what to expect at this year’s festival.

What we saw was not cosplay. Oh no, these gowns could have belonged on the pages of Vogue or at New York Fashion Week. As one of the designers put it: for those who aren’t geeks, the clothing would just seem cute and unique, but for those who are geeks and can recognize the reference, the garment has a special twist.

Ultimately, the event was a competition, in which the winner will codesign a fashion collection exclusively for Hot Topic. But in all honesty, the winner was all fangirls, everywhere, who now live in a time where wearing a t-shirt to express fandom isn’t the only option. Continue on for a ranking of our favorite geeky gowns from the Her Universe show!

-Additional reporting by Kelly Schwarze

Photos: Kelly Schwarze