A Gadget show anchor in a news channel turned a successful star anchor at India’s leading home shopping channel

To create your identity and leave your mark in media one has to face many challenges, and these challenges are of a different scale when we refer to India’s national media industry. It requires lot of hard work and persistent determination to excel in this field, and create a niche for yourself.

Alka Priya is one such person, a young small town girl who without any backing in the media industry, just by her pure diligence and conscientious work became a well-known face and a successful anchor-producer of a weekly show on gadgets on Zee Business News channel. Amidst all contentions she not only created her identity as a well- known and much followed tech journalist but also created a niche for herself as a television anchor with a great fan following.

After tasting success, fame & popularity they say people strive for more. But seldom have we come across attractive personalities like Alka Priya who would leave this fame to start a-fresh in a new city, to try her luck in a new space.

So Alka Priya left Zee and her job as a well-known anchor and with new dreams and aspirations she moved to Mumbai (India). A city known for its Bollywood, media, fame .. fast life & cut throat competition.

Trying your luck in a city as hard as Mumbai, where even the survival is a task, Alka Priya bagged herself a job as an anchor with Star group’s shopping channel, Star CJ. From a Gadget anchor in a news channel to anchoring for a shopping channel, the transition was tough! But this girl never held herself back from difficult situations, she worked hard fitting into the role, learning the jargons and nuances of the job. Here also her screen presence created magic and people were spell bound with her work on television. Again creating a space for herself and surviving like a rock in this city.

While she was painting the screen of Star CJ and accumulating great accolades for herself, India’s biggest shopping network Naaptol approached her asking her to move to the brand. Alka Priya considered the offer and moved to Naaptol. Here the journey was rather smooth with a prior experience of a shopping channel, her charming looks and her screen presence fascinated all. Soon Alka Priya became the star anchor of the shopping channel not only making the sales shoot off the roof but also by gathering great fan following as an anchor and a media person.

Her journey as a young girl, her learning and achievements, her accomplishments are all proof of her burning herself in the furnace of hard work which today make her tough like a diamond, glean with finesse, and this lambency and luster is often reflected not only through her work but also from her persona!. Photo Courtesy : Mr. Sachin Sarse.