From Hating Running to the NYC Marathon, Here’s How Karlie Kloss Made It to 26.2 Miles

Update: Karlie Kloss is officially a finisher of the New York City Marathon. “I did it! It’s [the marathon] single handley the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said in her Instagram story.

Karlie Kloss will be lacing up her Adidas to participate in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 5. The iconic race takes runners through the five boroughs of the city, ending at the finish line in historic Central Park. This will be the supermodel’s first marathon, though she did manage to squeeze in a half-marathon during Paris Fashion Week three years ago.

Karlie told Runner’s World that she grew up hating running, but it’s now a mainstay in her adult life. “Running a marathon is something I never dreamed I would do,” she said. “As the day gets closer, I’m a bit nervous, but I like to do things that scare me.”

Here’s a look at Karlie’s training that got her to this moment and her photo from the finish line!