Coffee Break: Multistrand Imitation Pearl Necklace

Here’s a question we haven’t discussed in a while: What are your favorite brands for faux pearls? I’ve had good luck with Majorca, but readers have also raved about the Nadri brand in general — this triple strand pearl necklace is Nadri for $125. For my money (and energy and patience!) if ordering online I’d rather spend a little bit more to get a fake strand from a reputable brand that’s more likely to be good — but I also have a lot of friends who’ve rolled the die with a $25 Amazon purchase. Do you have faux pearls, readers? Which brands are your favorite — and what are deal breakers for you as far as faux pearls go (i.e., cheap clasp, lack of gold plating, uneven pearls, comically large pearls, etc.)? Pictured: Multistrand Imitation Pearl Necklace

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