Coffee Break: Large Leather Shopper Tote

I was just thinking about splurgey totes the other day because I was admiring a new friend’s Chanel tote and thought, hmmn, maybe I DO want one for my next big birthday. Of course Chanel bags aren’t online (at least not new), so I went off looking at the sites for other splurgey totes, and was intrigued to see that this very simple Saint Laurent bag is a bestseller at both Saks and Neiman Marcus. What say you, ladies? I’m sure the leather quality is amazing, but to me this  looks awfully similar to some Everlane/Cuyana totes for much less money — and even those I consider those barebone options for the woman who doesn’t really want pockets/organization, zippers, or feet. (What tote WOULD you splurge on, if you had the money — or would you skip the tote and go for a shoulder bag or clutch?) This bag does come in a bunch of colors (17!), or did at one time — most colors are sold out at Saks. The gray is in stock and $995. Saint Laurent Large Leather Shopper Tote

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