Coffee Break: Bud Vase

best bud vase for the office I’ve mentioned this before, but whenever I get flowers I love to put some of them in one big vase and then use smaller bud vases to sprinkle the flowers elsewhere — I particularly like a bud vase near my monitor. (Another place bud vases look great, if you’re home: the bathroom/powder room sink.) I got this bud vase from Crate & Barrel earlier this year and have repeatedly thought how perfect a bud vase it is, particularly for $5 — it’s heavy, tall enough that it feels more substantial (it’s 4″ high compared to some of my teensy bud vases that are more like 3″ high at most)… but a single flower looks great in it. It’s $4.10 on clearance — there’s also a larger version of it that’s 6″ high. Pictured (and in today’s Instagram story).  Teeny Small Bud Vase

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