“I believe in Making Meaningful Cinema” – Pawan Sharma

‘Karim Mohammed’ is the second offering by noted filmmaker Pawan Kumar Sharma. His first film ‘Brina’ told the story of a woman’s life amidst the rituals of the mountains. Pawan Sharma is ready with this second film.

Mr. Sharma says that the film, set in Kashmir, is about the mentality associated with terrorism world over and how it affects people. He believes that the solution to terrorism has to come through wisdom; and not fear.

Mr. Sharma believes that he wants to re-establish the trend of meaningful cinema by making films like ‘Brina’ and ‘Karim Mohammad’. In his opinion, the expectations of cinema goers is now changing. They are more evolved now and want to experience genuine content that they can associate with. Mr. Sharma wants to give that experience to the audience.

‘Karim Mohammed’ is an important film that echoes with the universal sentiment of humanity. An NSD alumnus, Pawan Sharma has performed countless plays amongst the masses. Through his films, we see that he knows the audience like few filmmakers do.

The film has ensemble cast of Yashpal Sharma, Alka Ameen, Harshit Rajavat and Sunil Jogi. They have lived their characters. The film resonates with the sentiment of folk music. It also features some spectacular aerial shots. ‘Karim Mohammed’, no doubt is a successful attempt at making meaningful cinema.

Suresh Sharma