11 Black Nail Polishes That Are Festive Enough For Christmas at Grandma’s

We love a good black nail polish – but maybe not for a family dinner. Instead of freaking your mom out with a goth mani, why not meet halfway and sport a dark glitter nail?

The easiest way to turn your Nightmare Before Christmas mani into a G-rated holiday nail art extravaganza is by taking a cue from this season’s decorative lights. Whether you choose to add a shimmering topcoat, foil overlay, or sweet pop of an additional color like red or gold, ’tis the season to glitterfy your nails.

Even if you start with the most basic black out there (like Essie’s Licorice), you can layer on shine like baubles on a spruce tree. Ahead, find 11 exact polishes we guarantee won’t offend anyone at your holiday dinner table.